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Welcome to Science of Mom! If you are new here, let me introduce you to some of my favorite posts:

About Infant/Toddler Nutrition:

About Breastfeeding:

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About Sleep:

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16 thoughts on “Best of ScienceofMom

  1. I liked your post on sleep too. I have just written one about sleep training myself and Dr. Craig Canapari referred me to your post. I think there are some similarities between our blogs.


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  3. Hi Alice,

    Just a quick line to let you know that the link to “Iron and Your Baby – on Sixty Second Parent” does not work. I suspect that the site is down, as I could not access it through a Google search, either.

    Thanks for the awesome posts. I was particularly moved by the 10 things you don’t want to forget, which inspired several of my own memories (as the end of my first year as a mom creeps up on me.) :)



  4. I’m calling confirmation bias on this one; ignoring research (despite saying you weren’t selective) to make a retrospective justification for your choice. Also shows a misunderstanding (as does the follow up on self soothing) of infant sleep patterns.

    If you want to use CIO that’s up to you, it’s your baby; just be honest about why and don’t damage your credibility with flawed analysis.


    • When I reread my posts on sleep training, I can see that I was a bit defensive, so some confirmation bias is entirely possible. But then again, I literally read hundreds of studies. I spent months trying to get a handle on what normal infant sleep means, what happened in the studies on sleep training, and what we know about stress in infants. I tried my best to present the research from a place of curiosity – not to prove a point so much as to understand the controversy and the evidence on both sides and to be better prepared for the next baby. While I completely understand the philosophical objections to sleep training, I wasn’t able to find much solid evidence supporting the claims that it is damaging, and I found some reasonable evidence of benefit, at least in some families. Is it a perfect solution? Absolutely not. Is it right for all babies and their families? Absolutely not. Is it a flawed analysis? Probably. Most of what I do is in some way, no way around it:)


  5. I’m glad I found this blog. I certainly will use it as much as I need it. As a nanny, science of mom will be a great tool for me and my working family.


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