Parenting Resources

Health and Safety Links

American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) – for current policy statements, recommendations, and access to the archives of the journal Pediatrics

Healthy Children – the AAP’s page for parents, with information presented for the lay audience

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – for information on diseases, vaccines, and safety

CDC’s Life Stages Page – with specific sections on pregnancy, infants and toddlers, children, family, etc.

Vaccine Education Center of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – one of the best resources I have found for information about safety and efficacy of vaccines.

World Health Organization (WHO) – for international health policy documents and recommendations, including for breastfeeding

Organization of Teratology Information Specialists (OTIS) – for information on risk of exposure to drugs and chemicals during pregnancy and breastfeeding. OTIS has a great hotline if you have a specific question (Mine was, “Can I get my wisdom teeth removed without interrupting breastfeeding?”). You will talk to a real-live, knowledgeable person. (866)626-6847.

La Leche League – for breastfeeding support and resources.

kellymom – for more breastfeeding support and resources.

KidsHealth - A comprehensive resource of health information from pregnancy to adolescence Life Stages Page – with specific sections on infants, children, and adolescents

USDA’s MyPlate – follow links for specific information on nutrition during pregnancy and for preschoolers and kids

Pubmed – search the database for abstracts of published scientific research articles (sometimes full text articles)

MedlinePlus – searchable database for general health information

5 thoughts on “Parenting Resources

  1. Hello there – I came across your blog via Core Parenting. I’ve read several of your posts and I am thankful for your insight and research.

    It seems we share a few passions for parenting, nutrition, pregnancy and breastfeeding. I was egger to see what your choice was to vaccinate considering your background.

    Although we do not agree on this particular topic, I do APPLAUD that you ‘put it out there’ for others to absorb and hopefully question their own motivation for their decision.

    As for trust, my children place their trust in *me* to make the best informed medical choice for them…that is why I’ve committed years of research dedicated to learning and sharing the resources I’ve gathered on vaccine education. I agree, that this does not make me a “vaccine expert” – that is not my personal intention…my only intention is to make a well informed choice….

    I do hope that you consider learning more, as I believe your background will aid immensely in your absorption of the published data that exists pertaining to infectious diseases that we currently vaccinate against in the US.

    Just the basic epidemiology of the diseases, anyone can learn (prevalence, transmission, treatment) from the CDC’s Pinkbook online.

    The current ACIP/CDC recommended schedule, according to the most recent published review from the IOM (2013) maintains there *no evidence* confirming the safety and effectiveness of the entire immunization schedule. (more detail and the link to this study here:

    Continue the good work and good luck in your vaccine exploration!

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