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In memory of my dad… and in celebration of my soon-to-be-dad husband

For many years, Father’s Day was not a holiday that I celebrated. I would be vaguely aware of its passing because of the surge in advertisements for cool electronics and Hallmark cards. My father died suddenly in an accident when I was 12 years old. I started to notice other days – like the anniversary of his death – and I gradually, with some sadness, forgot about Father’s Day.

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Why Science of Mom

I am formally trained as a scientist, but at the start of this blog, I am also a soon-to-be a mother. I have a PhD in Nutrition. In the lab, I study fetal development, so I should know a thing or two about pregnancy. My husband is in his medical residency. And yet, as we embark upon the adventure that is parenthood, we are faced with many questions. Within a week of learning that we were pregnant, I encountered big decisions: How do I limit my exposure to dangerous substances in the lab? Should I take fish oil and how much? How much should I exercise during the first trimester? Being a scientist, I am generally not satisfied to do a quick internet search and read a few random opinions. I don’t even trust my husband’s opinion half the time (drives him nuts!). I prefer to read peer-reviewed scientific literature – lots of it – and then form my own opinion. This is of course a time-consuming process, and I figure that if I am going to do thorough research on a topic, maybe I could share what I learn about science and parenting through a blog. My goal is to translate science – “The Science of Mom” – to a wider audience of inquiring parents who want to know what is best for their children. I also intend for this blog to serve as a record and journal of my own journey into parenthood.

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