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In memory of my dad… and in celebration of my soon-to-be-dad husband

For many years, Father’s Day was not a holiday that I celebrated. I would be vaguely aware of its passing because of the surge in advertisements for cool electronics and Hallmark cards. My father died suddenly in an accident when I was 12 years old. I started to notice other days – like the anniversary of his death – and I gradually, with some sadness, forgot about Father’s Day.

In the last couple of years, I have added Father’s Day back to my list of days of note, because I now have a father-in-law. He is the kind of person who is religious about sending cards and calling on important holidays. Without fail, he will sing “Happy Birthday to you” over the phone to us on our birthdays. I appreciate this celebration of the people we love, and I’m happy every year to make sure that we send a card and give him a call on Father’s Day.

Today, I had the thrill of wishing my husband a Happy Father’s Day. I didn’t get a card or a gift, just acknowledged him and his role in our growing family. Next year, you can bet that I’ll make a bigger deal of it. I welcome the return of Father’s Day. I have certainly felt the absence of my father in my life. I always think of my dad the most on the happiest of days – like my wedding day – and cry a little that he isn’t there to share it. I’m sure I will have the same sort of emotions on the day that my child is born. This sadness will be just one of many emotions, and I imagine I will mostly feel overwhelming joy. And so we remember the past and honor our family, but we celebrate the joys of today and those to come.

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