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Guest Post on Fooducate: How Becoming a Mother Changed the Way I Eat

You can find me over at the Fooducate blog today, where I’m guest posting on how having BabyC changed the way I eat.  This was a fun post to write.  It really made me think about how the way I was raised (Thanks, Mom!) influences the way I eat now, and those habits run deeper than all my years of nutrition training.  I’m hoping to give BabyC the same foundation of appreciation for good food and where it comes from.

If you haven’t discovered Fooducate yet, they have an informative blog and a really cool app for smartphones.  The app allows you to scan the bar code on any food in the grocery store and see nutrition information and suggestions for healthier alternatives.  It is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for ways to make smarter choices while grocery shopping.

Has becoming a parent changed the way you eat?  For the better or for the worse?  (I can understand how it might change things for the worse!)

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