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Where I’ve Been: Busy with Media Coverage of The Science of Mom!

I planned to be posting more frequently here on the blog over the summer, but my limited time has been filled up with responding to media requests about my book. That’s a great thing, and it’s been fun to hear from people interested in my book and to have the opportunity to talk about it.

The most exciting media opportunity was my interview with Rachel Martin on NPR’s Weekend Edition. I wrote about that experience on the blog here. After that broadcast, Amazon was sold out of my book by the end of the day! Reviews on Amazon have also been wonderful. Seriously, each one warms my heart, because it affirms that I accomplished what I set out to do with this book.

Here are links for some of the other articles and reviews of my book:

On LiveScience: ‘Science of Mom’: Author Sifts Through Childrearing Facts & Fictions by Christopher Wanjek, August 28, 2015. My favorite quote from this story:

“If you look for [parental advice] online, you can easily fall down a rabbit hole of misinformation or conspiracy theories, or get sucked into judgmental arguments that don’t help anyone,” Callahan told Live Science. “I see a lot of misuse of science in online parenting forums and websites, where people cherry-pick studies or completely misinterpret them for the purpose of confirming what they want to believe.”

On Science-Based Medicine: ‘The Science of Mom: A Science-Based Book about Baby Care by Harriet Hall, September 1, 2015. This review came as a wonderful surprise to me. I’m a longtime fan of Science-Based Medicine and really appreciate Harriet Hall’s enthusiasm for the book! I can’t help it – I have to share this quote:

“This is science-based medicine writing at its best. Callahan doesn’t cherry-pick. She knows how to evaluate the entire body of research and put it into perspective along with practical parenting considerations. She enhances her message with a personal touch, including anecdotes about her own experiences as a new mother and about the experiences of her friends and family. If I had three thumbs, I would give this book a 3-thumbs-up recommendation. If every new parent could read this book, it would go a long way towards immunizing them against the misinformation they will inevitably encounter, misinformation that so often clouds their judgment and worries them unnecessarily.” ~Harriet Hall, MD, Science-Based Medicine

Anne M. Estes, PhD, blogger at Mostly Microbes, wrote a wonderful review of my book on Science and Sensibility, the blog from Lamaze International. There is an open giveaway for a copy of my book there, and the winner will be chosen next month when Science and Sensibility publishes a Q and A with me.

The Science of Mom has received great reviews on several other blogs, including Raise Healthy Eaters (one of my favorite resources about feeding children, written by dietitian Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen), Danthropology (Dan Arel’s blog on Patheos), Pediatric Insider (written by pediatrician Dr. Roy Benaroch), and Uncommon Motherhood. I’m grateful to all the bloggers who shared their thoughts on the book with their readers.

On the website of Brain, Child Magazine, you can read an excerpt of my book from my chapter on infant feeding and their Q and A with me about the inspiration for the book and the process of writing it.

A couple of newspapers here in Oregon covered my book. The Statesman Journal did a story about me, even sending a photographer to my house to take photos of the kids and me. We were traveling when the article came out, so I asked the reporter who interviewed me to send me a copy, and when it arrived in the mail, I was shocked to see my story and photo on the front page! The Portland paper, The Oregonian, also published a short Q and A with me last week.

CBS News also did a Q and A with me. This was a really interesting conversation and one of the most detailed interviews that I’ve given so far, but I learned that this is my least favorite format for media coverage. I enjoyed talking to the reporter on the phone, but when I saw my spoken words transcribed, I really wanted a chance to edit them myself!

I was honestly a little unprepared for all of this media attention. It’s been a wonderful surprise to know that so many people are interested in the book, and of course, I’m thrilled at every opportunity to spread the word. But I’ve also learned a ton through this process. If I publish another book, I’ll spend more time preparing for its release by thinking about some of the core messages of the book and my story, because that’s what reporters and readers want to hear. I’ll also clear my schedule and be ready to devote lots of time and attention to talking about and promoting the book.

Instead, we were traveling for a total of 3 weeks in the month around the book’s release. I took both kids to see my mom in August, and in September, we all drove to Montana to visit some of our best friends. I’m sure nobody would recommend publishing a book in the middle of a family vacation, because if you’ve ever taken a trip with young kids, you know that there isn’t exactly a lot of free time. But both trips were great times of reconnection for our family, and we survived planes and long car rides and challenging nights of disrupted sleep.

And now, here we are in late September. Cee has started a new morning preschool routine, which is working out great. She loves it, and she’s been telling me about the fall equinox and how the earth turns on an axis and how big trees make seedlings. I’m looking forward to getting cozy with our new routine as the seasons change and having a little more time to write this fall. BabyM’s morning nap is now very consistent – for the time being, at least – so I have that as my writing time. It’s not much, but it’s all mine. I’m working on a plan for the blog for this fall – really just trying to commit to a consistent writing and publishing schedule. Look for more on that later this week, and feel free to send me suggestions for new post topics!

  1. mt #

    Congratulations!! It’s been wonderful seeing watching the reception of your book. I am so glad that the media have picked up on it. I’m sure it’s great for you personally, but it will also be rewarding for all the stressed out and demoralized new parents who will benefit from your reassuring and encouraging voice.


    September 22, 2015
  2. B.B.P.E. #

    Congratulations on the success of your book.


    September 23, 2015
  3. Way to go! That is such wonderful news!


    September 30, 2015
  4. Pleas where can i get your book


    November 6, 2015
    • Hi – you can buy it on Amazon and most other booksellers. Thanks for your interest! I hope you like it!


      November 7, 2015
  5. Good for you😎


    November 30, 2015

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