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Baby Nap Strikes Are a Real Thing, Plus 4 Tips for Survival (with VIDEO)

My 5-month-old baby went on a 2-week nap strike. Now that he's back to napping, I'm sharing my tips for survival, plus a video of what was keeping him awake.

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S.I.T.! Feeding Your Child Using Stability and Independence at the Table

Guest poster Melanie Potock, pediatric feeding specialist, shares her best tips for comfortable and pleasant feeding of babies and young children using the S.I.T. Model: Stability and Independence at the Table.

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What To Do About Babies and Peanuts: New Study Finds Early Exposure Can Prevent Allergy

A recent study found that feeding children small amounts of peanut products in the first 5 years of life can prevent the development of peanut allergy. Here's what you need to know.

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International Travel with Kids: 10 Lessons Learned

Guest poster Sarah Ruttan returns to share her top 10 tips for traveling abroad with young kids.

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My Child, a Picky Eater? No!

It was bound to happen.  I was just starting to feel smug about having a baby who would eat anything. I was casually feeding her everything off of my plate, introducing her to new flavors every day, and watching with pride as she tossed everything in her mouth without a second thought. Curry? No problem. Cauliflower? Love it!

OK, not the most exciting foods on her plate here - you'll just have to believe me on the curry and cauliflower.

But you know what happens to people who feel smug about their parenting. Read more

TV, Tots, and Tired Parents: The Backlash to the AAP’s TV Policy

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog post about the American Academy of Pediatrics’ new guidelines for TV use in kids under 2 years old.  I intended that piece to be a brief summary of the new guidelines and the research that the AAP used to support them.  I didn’t think about these guidelines as being controversial.

However, as the media and the blogosphere got wind of the new guidelines, I found article after article questioning them – calling the AAP out on making a recommendation without solid science and blaming them for creating the next round of unwelcome parenting guilt. Read more

New Study: Exclusive Breastfeeding Can Support Infant Growth to 6 Months of Age

A new study published this week in the journal Pediatrics found that exclusive breastfeeding up to six months provides enough calories for infants.

Quick and Dirty Summary:

This study addressed two common concerns about breastfeeding:  1) Many moms simply can’t produce enough milk for their babies; and 2) Exclusive breastfeeding, while adequate in younger infants, may not provide enough calories for babies up to 6 months of age.  The data from this study indicate that when moms are given breastfeeding support, milk production is not a limiting factor and provides enough calories for normal growth, even in 6-month-old infants.  However, this study was small and had several limitations (which I will discuss).

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Discipline for Babies?

I’ve been thinking about discipline lately.  I know the time is coming when we’ll have to set some boundaries for BabyC.  Given how quickly these last 9 months have flown by, I know that time is coming soon – or is it here already?  I want to be prepared, but just the word “discipline,” makes panic rise up in my heart.

An infant’s needs are straight-forward enough:  feed, diaper, help to sleep (OK, that one is tough), rinse, repeat, over and over.  Luckily, it doesn’t take much thought to meet a young infant’s needs, which is good, because we were too sleep-deprived to think much during that time.  But as BabyC gets older, she is more aware of how we react to events.  She notices the expressions on our faces and the emotions in our voices.  She is observing, processing, and remembering the new things that she is learning every day.  Her little personality is starting to shine, and it is a reflection of both the way her brain is wired and of her time spent with us, her parents.  She is reaching an age at which she will need some guidance about how to behave in the world and help to understand what is appropriate and what is not, not to mention what is safe and what is not.  It is up to us to provide her with that guidance, and that scares the hell out of me. Read more

5 Practical Ways to Increase Iron in Your Baby’s Diet

I mentioned in my last post (Does My Baby Get Enough Iron?) that I have been worrying about my 9-month-old’s iron nutrition.  Iron deficiency can cause lasting delays and deficits in cognitive and behavioral development, and I don’t want to go there.

First, let’s consider if your baby is actually at risk for iron deficiency, because why fret about something that isn’t a problem?  You have enough to worry about.

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Does My Baby Get Enough Iron?

I have been lucky enough to have a great experience with breastfeeding my baby.  As someone with a nutrition background, this has been a relief and a comfort to me.  For the first few months of her life, I didn’t have to worry about what or how much to feed my baby.  I didn’t have to fret about nutrition labels and ingredient lists on formula packages.  I just nursed my child until she pushed away from the breast to tell me she was done.  If she needed more, I produced more.  It was as beautiful and magical as it sounds, and it was the perfect food for my baby – something science, our pediatrician, and all the hyper-mamas in town could agree on.  (I write this with a hint of sarcasm, because as wonderful as breastfeeding is, I think formula is probably just fine, too.)

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