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One Year and 100 Posts

I missed my one year blog birthday last week. Happy Birthday, Science of Mom!

Photo by Laura at

AND this little post here is my 100th post! I get nervous every time I press the “Publish” button, so I’m proud that I found the courage to do it 100 times in the last year.

One of the greatest things about writing regularly – whether in a journal, a baby book, or for a wider audience – is that it offers the chance to marvel at how much has changed over time. In the last year, BabyC has grown in ways that simply blow my mind. But that’s true of all children, and there are tangible milestones for evidence – physical size, motor skills, language, etc. Compare a couple of photos, and her growth is obvious:

BabyC at 9 months

At 21 months

My growth as a mother and as a writer has come more slowly and in more nuanced ways. Read more