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Shareworthy Recipe: BabyC’s Baked Oatmeal Muffins

I created this recipe to solve a breakfast dilemma. You may be familiar with this scenario: Your child(ren) got you out of bed before you were ready, and you are groggy. You would like to sit and sip a cup of coffee before you start the day, but she is frantically making the “food” sign at you, and you have to respect her efforts at communicating her needs to you without whining. You need something fast and preferably healthy to appease the hungry toddler.

As a nutritionist with an increasingly picky eater for a child (I have been assured that this is totally normal), I also worry that my child is not getting enough iron or fiber, both nutrients that are often lacking in toddler diets. I like to start the day with something that provides a nice portion of BabyC’s requirement for both of these nutrients, so that if all she eats is cheese for the rest of the day, I know we made an honest effort. Fortified oatmeal is a nice way to iron (and a little fiber), but BabyC will not be fed with a spoon and is only just starting to make some efforts at feeding herself with a spoon. Enter… the baked oatmeal muffin.

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