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Are the Ingredients in the Newborn Vitamin K Shot Safe?

The newborn vitamin K shot prevents rare but potentially devastating vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB). If you're concerned about the ingredients in the shot, I've investigated the science behind each one so that you can understand why it's included in the shot and why it's safe for your baby.

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Pertussis Vaccination in Every Pregnancy: Safe and Effective

Receiving the Tdap vaccine during the third trimester of pregnancy is our best chance at protecting young infants from pertussis, a disease that can be particularly dangerous during the first few months of life. Research shows that vaccination in late pregnancy gives newborns the gift of pertussis-specific antibodies at birth and is safe for both mother and baby

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Interpreting infant growth charts

Remember your first visit with your baby’s pediatrician?

I remember that it seemed like a HUGE deal just to leave the house.  Did we fasten BabyC in the car seat correctly?  Where can we sit in this waiting room where there will be 0% chance of a sick kid coughing on her?  OMG, she’s crying!  How long will we have to wait?  Should I feed her?  Yes, let’s try that.  (First time nursing in public.)  Five minutes later, when I had finally situated the baby and arranged the nursing cover and gotten a proper latch, the nurse called us back to the examining room… That’s what I remember.

Oh, but our visit with the pediatrician – what do I remember about that?  Two things.  First, he told me that, even though it seemed like my baby was nursing for 45 minutes out of every hour of the day, my milk may not come in for another 2 or 3 or 4 days.  And my baby might get a little hungry.  Great.  Second, the nurse weighed our baby and measured her length and head circumference.  Then we got those all-important percentile stats that told us how our baby compared to her peers.  So began a lifetime of pretending not to care how our baby measured up. Read more