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S.I.T.! Feeding Your Child Using Stability and Independence at the Table

Guest poster Melanie Potock, pediatric feeding specialist, shares her best tips for comfortable and pleasant feeding of babies and young children using the S.I.T. Model: Stability and Independence at the Table.

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Dear Cee: Celebrating the Two-Year-Old You

IMG_4158A much belated letter to Cee, in honor of her 2nd birthday. I swear I started this just a day or two after her birthday, but that was several weeks back. I’m just beginning to catch up on things as I’m winding down the college teaching term.

Dear Cee,

You are two. Can you believe it?

Of course you can. You are two, and you just are. You may not remember, as I do, what it was like when we met for the first time. (What’s funny to me, thinking back to that day, is that it seemed you already know me. It took me some time to get to know you.) You may not remember those early days of infancy, two years ago, when you and I both had to work hard just to communicate with each other, just to begin to speak the same language. You may not remember those days, but they are at the foundation of who you are and who we are together: mother and daughter.

I remember those days well. Thinking of them, I can’t help but be amazed at how much we’ve both grown. Your growth is obvious, mine subtler.

But I’m struggling with how to describe the changes in you, now that you are two. It is tempting to say something like, “You’re like a real person now!” or “Finally we can actually communicate.” But of course, you’ve been a real person from the start, and we’ve been communicating since then, too. That leaves me wondering: what is really significant about being two? Read more