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Transition Time

Oh my goodness, things have gotten hectic. I know I have neglected the blog, but I’m gearing up for teaching next week and I’m suddenly juggling more a few more responsibilities than I’m used to. Once I figure out how to keep all these balls in the air, I hope I can carve out more writing time again.

It has been a big week for our family. It was Cee’s first week of part-time day care. She seemed to cope with it beautifully. Not surprisingly, I have struggled with it more.

Picking out her new backpack

In the week before she started there, we had three play dates at Cee’s day care, a small in-home program. Cee jumped right into circle time, outdoor play, and meals with the other kids while I watched quietly, usually from a distance. She only clung to me for a few minutes on the first day, and then she was off. She wanted to play with the toys and be a part of the group, and she seemed confident with them. I could tell she was really ready for this change.

After we left our last play date, I told Cee that next time we came, she would stay to play with her new friends and her caregiver – we’ll call her Annie – would take care of her while I went to work. She gave me a funny look.

Over the next few days, I reminded Cee of this plan several times. We would remember something she did at day care or one of her friends there. Each time it came up, I would say something like, “Next time you go to Annie’s house, you will stay to play with the other kids while Mama goes to work.”

Cee: “Yeah.” Then usually a pause, and then, “Mama?”

Me: “Mama will go to work for a little while, but then I’ll come pick you up at lunchtime.”

Cee, nodding her head: “Yeah.” (This leaves me wondering – what exactly does a kid like Cee think of when she imagines “work?”)

On the night before her first day, we packed her bag with diapers and a few changes of clothes, and we repeated the same conversation. Except this time, I could tell that she knew exactly how it would go. She just needed to hear it one more time. She seemed to understand the plan, and she seemed ready. Read more