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Checking In and Checking Out

This morning, I sat on the patio of a coffee shop, alone. Alone. I enjoyed a latte and gorgeous plate of french toast. My breakfast did not require a bib or a booster seat. There were no interruptions and no rushing to finish my food in anticipation of the “all done” sign from BabyC. It was heaven.

I wondered, why didn’t I sit alone at a coffee shop before I had a child? I should have done this every weekend! Instead, I always ordered my coffee to go and sat with it at work, often on a Saturday morning, when the lab was quiet. Maybe I would eat a scone out of a paper bag while scrolling through my email.

Isn’t that the way it always works? I thought I was too busy then to lounge at a coffee shop when in fact that is exactly what I should have been doing.

But I realize that I wouldn’t have enjoyed it then like I do now. Read more