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Thursday Paragraph(s)*: I’m Taking Gentle Back.

[*The Thursday Paragraph started as a way to inspire me to write a single paragraph about a simple idea on Thursdays (duh). You can see how well that has gone. I have learned that I am pretty much incapable of writing just one paragraph, and I’ve decided that I don’t care. I always start with a single paragraph, thinking, “oh, that’s a manageable little idea.” But then, I want to write more, so I do. Oh well. We’re calling them Thursday Paragraph(s) now.]

{Today’s Thursday Paragraph(s) were inspired in part by Squintmom’s post on Mom-dating and the struggle to find other moms to share our parenting adventures. I wish I could mom-date Squintmom. I’m pretty sure we are long-lost sisters or something.}

Somehow, I survived my pregnancy and BabyC’s first 8 months without seeking mothering advice from blogs and online parenting forums. How on earth did I figure out breastfeeding and how to get my baby to sleep? I read a few books (even some journal articles, but that was just to appease the nerd in me), talked to my friends who were having babies around the same time, and consulted with my #1 mothering expert – my own mother.

My mother and I, February 1980. I love this photo.

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