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New Study: Harsh Discipline is Associated with More Behavioral Problems

There was an interesting study published online this week in the journal Pediatrics:

The most important finding of this study was that harsh discipline tactics don’t lead to healthy, well-behaved children.

This was a longitudinal study (meaning that the same groups of kids were studied at several different time points) of Australian children in which 5107 infants (3-19 months) were monitored several times up until age 4-5 years and 4983 preschoolers (4-5-year-olds) were monitored up until age 8-9 years.  Between enrollment in the study and the final assessment, 86% and 87% of the infants and preschoolers, respectively, remained in the study.  That makes this a relatively large study with a good retention rate.

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Peer Review Blues

I’ve been working on responding to reviews of the last paper submitted from my postdoc work.  This process is never fun, and this one is especially tough because I haven’t thought much about this project since I submitted the paper a couple of months ago.  I’d much rather be working on this blog, and I have a long list of cool sciency parenting topics that I can’t wait to tackle, but I’m trying to find the discipline to spend a few hours a day revising this paper.  And a few hours a day is all I have at the moment.  It is a pain, but I need to get it done and get it done well.

On the other hand, I’m trying to appreciate that this peer review process serves a vital purpose, and my paper will be better for it by the time it is published.  It isn’t a perfect system, but it certainly goes a long way towards ensuring that scientific data are published with integrity.  If you aren’t familiar with this process, here it is in a nutshell:  Read more